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Do you aim to achieve 20-25% business growth, but is overwhelmed by the humungous number of tasks you will need to do?Lead Generation is making a promise to the customers and keeping that promise forever. Here are the best Tips for Effective Lead Generation in 2021.

Lead generation is essential factor that decide the future of any business. It’s a simple rule that you will need new customers to grow and expand your business. Google receives a surge of over 500,000 searches every year from: business owners, digital marketers and entrepreneurs like yourself searching for: lead generation agencies, lead gen tips and business growth guides.

The digital marketing trends keep changing and evolving with time. So, we have brought you a guide that provides you some of the most useful and effective tips for lead generation that works even in 2022!

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the marketing process for motivating and developing interest in a product or service to develop sales pipeline, involving the companies to nurture leads until they’re ready to buy. It is useful for all types of businesses; small, medium or large.

Why Lead Generation is Needed?

An effective lead generation strategy helps a business grow quick and effectively. If you are still unsure if your business needs proper lead generation strategies, then here’s a glimpse of what it can do for your business:

  • Brand awareness generation.
  • Sales and profit ratio are enhanced.
  • Positive ROI is generated.
  • Desired consumers are targeted.
  • Both buyer and seller are benefitted.
  • Important information about prospects are collected.
  • More cost-effective than other form of advertisements.

Now that you are aware how valuable and fruitful a good lead generation strategy can be for your business, let us look at the top 10 tips for effective lead generation in 2022.

What are the top 10 tips for effective lead generation in 2022?

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ad Remarketing.

Using tightly run PPC, one can effectively measure and observe the analytics. This helps provide you an insight of what the customers want and eventually how you grow organically!

41% of clicks on the search engine research page (SERP) belongs to the top 3 paid ads. Pay per click (PPC) is one of the most reliable and effective digital marketing strategies on budget. Even if the user doesn’t get converted the first time, they leave a trail of information and snippets of valuable data signals.

Now based on the content (URL) they have already consumed you can build your own audiences and serve them the relevant ads across the Google Display Network (GDN). This is the quickest and most effective way of new lead generation. It involves engaging with the users who already have visiting the website.

  • Lead Generation through Emails.

Using the appropriate strategies for email marketing, it is much easier to build an audience through mailing lists than social media influences or crowd-funding. Effective marketing emails convert potential buyers into raving, loyal customers.

But email marketing doesn’t mean sending unsolicited and irritating spam emails! Here are the top 3 reasons why you should make email marketing your top priority?

  • Email is the best communication channel. You’ll be surprises to know that 99% of buyers check their emails every day. We can’t say that for any other communication channel.
  • You are the only owner of your mail list. Whatever leads you get, no one can take them away from you. Any other communication channel doesn’t guarantee you that. For example, your social media posts under full control of the platform itself. They can delete it any day even without your consent.
  • The return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is even better than social media. Investing on email marketing services is simply the smart choice.

Top email marketing tips for lead generation:

  1. Send regular newsletters and business updates.

Email provides you a solid platform that provide you opportunities to pitch your service, or just to let a user know about the offered services with every interaction. These emails have to be useful and informative in order to provide clear values to the reader.

With regular exposure and a vivid brand impression, you can easily generate more leads. You can even add customer testimonials in your email newsletters to gain their trust.

2.   Make sure to add email capture form in your website.

This is essential especially for those who don’t have a dedicated mailing list. An email capture form encourages users to give their contact details through this form by providing them incentives of some kind. These incentives may include:

  • Sign-up links for newsletters.
  • Discount, or coupon codes.
  • Free audits.
  • Free quotations.
  • Introductory calls.
  • Product, or service demos.
  • Brochure, or pamphlet requests.

These forms and incentives help you grow your mailing list and increase the lead count. This helps you develop a clear idea of what kind of services your leads are looking for!

3. Maintain a high site speed. 

Nobody likes a website that takes more time to load. Improving your webpage loading time significantly improve your chances of ranking higher in the SERPs

Maile Ohye, Google stated that, “Two seconds is the threshold for eCommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under half a second.”

When the search engine giant itself confirms that the speed plays an exuberant role in the ranking results, you can’t deny this factor.

Quick tips to reduce the site load-time:

  • Identify the parts of the webpage that are causing it to load slowly, and replace them suitably with more effective visuals, contents or features.
  • Keep your website simple and organized. Nothing attracts mass audience more than an easy to access, clean and fast website. Don’t burden the webpage with heavy graphics and videos, widgets etc.

Why should you bother about load-time or slow site response? That’s because if 90% of your users bounce back or click back due to the poor page load time, then only 10% of your users are left to start the journey of converting into a lead!

4. B2B lead generation by SEO.

Do you know that 57% of B2B marketers believe that lead generation by SEO is the highest as compared to any other digital marketing strategy?

Most customers these days, find local businesses through the internet. So, if your page isn’t SEO-optimized then it won’t rank in search engine. And, you will lose the opportunity to gain these customers.

Make sure to use the appropriate and relevant keywords to help you rank higher in the search results. Content is one of the most important factors for SEO optimization.

  • Remember that it is ultimately, the content that needs to shine, not just to rank higher, but also to build trust and credibility with the audience towards your business.
  • Write the product, or service descriptions keeping in mind the kind of keyword search people are going for.

With SEO optimization, you get to promote yourself online 24×7, so your business promotion doesn’t stop even for a second. So continuous, effective, and organic lead generation is possible using the right SEO techniques.

5. Enable Guest Blogging.

You can to present your content in front of a much larger audience. There are many blogs out there which have a huge following receiving millions of visitors each day, imagine being able to put your business or service in front of those people!

All you need to do is create an engaging, relevant piece of content. That’s exactly what guest blogging helps you achieve, some blogs will allow you to submit content to them, if they like it, they’ll publish it and usually with a backlink to your website.

You don’t have to worry about marketing the content or building an audience, which is why this is a very practical and effective strategy for b2b lead generation.

6. Pop-ups and Opt-ins addition in the key landing pages.

The foundation content is the major factor for trust building and drawing customers that enhances the brand value. Also, some other ways can be incorporated additionally to support the key content of the landing pages.

We can attach pop-up and opt-in ads to the content. This helps in organic traffic flowing. They deliver ideal click-through rates and user engagement is also increased.

Pro-tip: Don’t bombard your audience with a lot of pop-ups. Pop-ups are often considered irritating, set them up at a 50% of page scroll. Otherwise we risk losing the audience swiftly from your landing page.

You generally have to offer some value-aided content to the user, in order to make opt-ins and pop-ups successful. The exit-intent pop-ups are effective to gain contact details as a blog subscription. You must not neglect it because it’s a quick win when you want to deliver the message from your brand.

7. Use Local SEO to increase your visibility within your local market.

Register your business on ‘Google My Business (GMB)’ and begin optimizing your business. Create your own ‘Google My Business’ profile. It just takes three to five minutes. This ensures that your business is visible in the local search results.

Remember to add location wherever your product or service references are present, including the homepage and the service pages. The 5 key areas where you should always tag location are:

  • Title tags.
  • Headings.
  • Body copy.
  • Meta descriptions.
  • Footer. 

Also, tag location on the URL as well for the relevant content. Submitting your website to the local directories can also benefit you a lot. Since Google indexes the directory entries first, so your site gets listed on a reputed directory, you may easily rank in the top 5 listings.

8. Do A/B test Frequently.

Attaining perfection is a myth in digital marketing. You always need to strive to be better than yesterday and make continuous efforts towards it. Since market trends shift every other day, so do the needs and desires of the market.

For example, A/B test the subject of the email, email body contents and landing pages frequently to make sure that your marketing tactic is efficient, or if there are scope for some improvements.

9. Engage with industry influencers:

Influencer marketing has gained a lot of steam over the past few years. Several marketers have realized that an influencer can add a lot of value to one’s business; in terms of bringing credibility, trust, and most importantly mass lead generation! 

They are the ones with a significant social media fans and followers count, or create trending blog. Tapping into that and building relationships with influencers can help you enhance your brand reach exponentially.

How can you do it? Track and identify industry-leading influencers and reach out to them either using social media, or connect via email. Ask them directly if they can promote your content.

In order to convince them, you need to offer something that will benefit them as well. You can suggest cross-promotions by sharing their content like blogs, interviews, and podcasts on your social media or website. This way both of you get mutual benefits from the connection.

10. Never Stop!

The final tip for today is to never stop. Generating new leads is equally important as nurturing the existing leads. The key to successful business lies in the step after you generate the new leads. 

The most important step is to convert these leads into the loyal customers. You must nurture them regularly with great content to keep them engaged continuously. This is when they start becoming your loyal fans.

“Track, measure and track some more”

Identify the type of content that are keeping them engaged. Then suitably formulate strategies to attribute the qualified leads to marketing again. This possible with lead scoring. If you feel your marketing strategy is working, and significant lead generation has started, then you can think of increasing the marketing budget.

We hope that you might have liked the Tips for Effective Lead Generation in 2022.

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