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41% of clicks on the search engine research page (SERP) belongs to the top 3 paid ads. Pay per click (PPC) is one of the most reliable and effective digital marketing strategies on budget.

Using tightly run PPC, one can effectively measure and observe the analytics. This helps provide you an insight of what the customers want and eventually how you grow organically!

Every business at some time thinks to employing PPC to their marketing strategy but get stuck with the questions at the base level: Where to implement? How to initiate the strategy? Whom to target?

Digital Romans have all the answers to your marketing dilemmas. We are the experts that work to make digital marketing simpler for you. 

What are Pay Per Click ads ?

Pay per click means the form of online marketing where you pay a fee for each click a user makes to visit your webpage. We can say that it’s basically buying your visitors without an organic approach. 

PPC is an online marketing tactic where you pay only when a user clicks on your ad. Pay per click ads essentially include a catchy headline, the URL to your website, a crisp description of what you offer.

Pro-tip: Use suitable keywords to get a better audience interactivity.

What are the benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising?

Companies invest reasonable resources on marketing and advertising. The main problem is figuring out, where to invest? Which advertising strategy will gain them maximum profit with minimal investments?

Is pay per click worth it? Here’s a list of benefits that PPC provides that will help you make a choice by yourself:

  • Work with small budgets.
    Pay per click cost is surprisingly low that makes it the best choice for every kind of business. No matter how small or big your business is, it proves to be effective for everybody.
  • Doesn’t control your message sending techniques.
    Unlike some other digital marketing techniques, it doesn’t bind you to follow specific structure or algorithm. You can play around with the words and be as creative as you want.
  • Opens up diverse markets.
    It opens up a wide range of markets for you. You can target specific audience by using native languages as well. You get a whole array of a variety of consumers.
  • Targets the right audience.
    Using the right set of keywords, you can target the type of audience you want.
  • Detailed analytics to form further strategy.
    It is the best for where funds are limited and you need to effectively use them to your benefit. Using pay per click leads you can build your market strategies. It provides a thorough analysis of what the consumer expects from your business.

Why is Digital Romans your best choice ?

Digital Romans are your personal digital marketing strategist that assures pay per click best practices. We are the one-stop solution to all your digital marketing troubles.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, fast, and well-planned digital marketing strategy that has yields great results in every aspect of digital marketing.

We always deliver substance, not false promises, ensuring we maximize your budget so you get the most return on investment (ROI).

Contact us directly for any queries related to pay per click advertising or guidance in digital marketing.

Let us work to conquer the market together

All of our PPC clients can expect the following:

  • Comprehensive keyword research: We ensure you appear for the RIGHT searches by completing thorough keyword research upfront, and monitoring your campaign’s performance closely throughout.
  • Effective ad creation: We work with you to produce the most effective ads that get high conversions.
  • Landing page conversion optimization: If need be, we will create a landing page on your site tailored to receive the visitors that have clicked through from your PPC ads. This allows us the freedom to create a page specifically designed to sell, as opposed to serving the multiple other purposes your site was created for.
  • Split testing and comparison of ads: We’ll set up comparisons to test the effectiveness of different ads. This will allow us to hone our content and presentation.
  • PPC mini-campaigns: Let us target your state, city, or even neighborhood with ads, or set up a small campaign designed to push one specific product or service.
  • Remarketing campaigns: Reconnect to past site visitors that have shown interest in your product or service. Using a remarketing campaign can help increase return on ad spend while increasing sales or leads.
  • Proof of ROI through detailed reporting: There are some excellent data tracking tools built into Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC services. We wade through the data and generate a customized PDF report highlighting the most important information.

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